Motel 6
1440 N State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92806

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Just stayed in room 517 and felt itchy. Saw a bug crawling next to my boyfriend's head and immediately could tell it was a bed bug. Pulled the covers back and they were everywhere. We are covered in bites and are staying in room 223 on the other side. Tore the bed apart to see if I could spot any hiding bed bugs and there don't seem to be any, but there's hair and what I'm sure is pubic hair all over the bed and sheets. So disgusted and angry that I'll now have to go to the laundromat and hope I

don't bring this into my family's home. I doubt they're even going to give me a refund in the morning because the girl at the front desk said she 'doubts it'. :(

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woke up covered in bed bugs and blood in room 128 on the bed closest to the bathroom, when i got up there were bugs all over the bed. i scooped them into a cup for proof for the front desk and they said they did not know what they were, i then told them they were bed bugs and they just put me in another room in which i tore apart before geting into the bed and i found that the linnen and beds were disgusting and covered in bodily fluid stains

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