Hotel Pepper Tree
2375 W Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, CA

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we stayed at the hotel from june 27 2011 to june 29th.We were on a trip to disneyland.Thefirst day on the 28th we were itching but didn't tink of it we tought we were bitten in dsneyland.The next morning the 29th we woke up itching and my daughter had bites all over her back.By the time we got home to las vegas,all of us includng a two year oldbaby were covered in bites, I left our suitcases outside in the garage,and the next morning when I opened esuitcases we noticed the cothes were full of bu

gs.We through out all our clothes,suveniers,toiletries with the suitcases in the trash.Luckely it was trash day and we got rid of everything.we all went to te Dr. who gave us sme antibiodics.Before we left the hotel,we spoke to the manager and showed him thebites,I rcieve a call fromhim telling us that they inspected the room found some bugs but wouldn' admit that they were bed bugs but said that he will refund our stay.

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