Disneys Paradise Pier Hotel
1717 S Disneyland Dr
Anaheim, CA

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No bedbugs in rooms 1508 or 1510, no problems.

april 2012.my son had itchy, rashes on arms.being a physician i know this was bedbugs.

Bites started appearing on me during our trip and a few days after our trip. I was fully aware of the bed bug situation before our trip so I knew what to look for and I am not very happy about it. I had heard reports on this hotel before and there are some complaints on tripadvisor.com about people experiencing bed bugs from this hotel.

we stayed here july 4 week 2008...we had NO problems what so ever, the stay was actually very enjoyable.

We stayed at the Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel, room 427, on 4/11/08- 4/13/08. The morning of 4/13/08, one adult woke up to welts on their upper arm and near their hand--bed bug bites. The morning of the 12th, we saw a bed bug on the food cart in the room and not knowing what it was, we killed it and threw it away. The next morning, when the person woke up to itchy red welts, we realized what it was and told the hotel.

They were not helpful. They told us they would have their horticul

ture department look into the incident. Later that evening, we called the hotel and they said they took care of the problem and that the room was already rented. Their response to the situation was very disturbing. They seemed less than concerned and very matter of fact about it.

The experience was a tarnish on the Dinseyland resorts reputation.

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No nearby bug reports