Carousel Inn and Suites
1530 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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Checked out 9/7/2013

Alright how do I begin.

We stayed here after we extended our trip and the Hojo couldn't accommodate us.

1) we found bugs, live in the room at 12am on our first stay. They were active little creatures. After googling, taking pictures, and bringing those pictures to our friends' hotel they told us they were bed bugs!
2) our room was changed ASAP, but this didn't change matters. The following morning we woke up covered in a rash. We went to the Disney park first aid

. The nurse confirmed bug bites and an allergic reaction to them. Imagine this on my one year old. We had to give him anti itch medication and he scratched so hard he made his bites bleed.
3) well since 6 year old diabetics cannot take Benadryl my daughter had to only be treated with topical ointment. She needed antibiotic ointment and was miserable for the entire day. We wasted the last day of our 5 day hopper in first aid unable to be in the park because of the bites.

They charge $10/day for parking , don't Stay here. There's an Internet fee of $10/day, pay he extra $20
A day and stay somewhere with clean rooms, free Internet, and staff that doesn't brush you off. Yes he moved us but when I expressed my concerns upon check out he was condescending and rude.

Don't waste your time.

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We had the same thing happen at the end of July. It was disgusting. That was just one problem. First experience with bed bugs. Makes my skin crawl

My family and I checked into the hotel on August 21, 2014. We went to bed that night and found our sheets with black little bug like flakes and two small areas that blood appeared on the sheets. We found the sheets on the other bed also had the same black small flakes that looked like dead bugs. We took pictures with our phones. We complained and we left right away. They gave ours money back but I am mad more so that they left old sheets on the bed. That was just the unhealthiest and unsanitary

thing to find blood and the dried bugs in the bed.

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