Carousel Inn & Suites
1530 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802-2312

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We stayed here in summer 2013 and started noticing bites on our bodies . At the time did not notify the hotel of our concerns but once we got home we hired a certifed K-9 unit to search our luggage and all our belongings that we brought on the trip to see if they were positive for bed bugs. The dog alerted to all of our belongings having bed bugs that we brought home in sealed bags from the hotel. I contacted the hotel and the hotel manager denied everything and would not refund us our money. E

ven though I bagged all our belongings in the hotel room before we left to come home because I was suspicious that there was bed bugs and didn't want to bring them into our home when we arrived home. There is no way bugs could of come from anywhere but that hotel room. I had the K-9 unit also search our home to ensure that I didn't bring them into our home after our trip and the search turned up clean. Only our belongings that we brought in sealed bags from the trip had a positive response. I contacted the hotel to try get a refund because we had to throw all our belongings out but they completely deny having any bed bug issues. Very upsetting that they won't take responsibility for the loss they have caused.

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