Candy Cane Inn
1747 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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Stayed here March 2014 and the place was a little on the dirtier side. I used their pack and play for my son and there were crushed doritos in there. Anyway, the worst part about my stay there is that I got home and brought home some bed bugs ... I'm beyond livid about my experience at this hotel! It's close to the park but not worth the nightmare I have experienced afterwards.

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Love this hotel. Woke up with a big welt on my neck and another bite on the arm. Very itchy, red and hot. Checked the bed and found a questionable remnant of a dark colored bug in the sheets. I am taking precautions with my luggage, clothes, etc. and hope this is not bed bugs that bit me.

We stayed here for one night on September 17, 2011. I am bugphobic so I did am immediate inspection of the room when we checked in at 12am ( after Disney ). I found 1 VERY dead and VERY crunchy bed bug in the seam of one of the beds. My daughter immediately crushed it into a thousand pieces so we did not report it and slept in the other bed (very scared and not really sleeping). We got up early and checked out ASAP..mentioned it to the guy at the desk quietly, as there were alot of other people

in the lobby but he acted like he did not hear me soooo...we will not stay here again.

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