Best Western Stovall's Inn
1110 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

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I called the first week of March 2014 and spoke to a manager who DID confirm that 2 weeks prior they had bedbugs in the upper level facing poolside and that is was treated 3 room radius and rechecked the following week from Orkin. Now reading that the manager posted on this site denying allegations concerns me. If they can not be honest on postings such as this then i worry, although i was impressed the manager was honest when i called

This is the response to the reports posted on this site. We haven't had anybody report of anything having to do with bed bugs to our property. Our staff is trained to look for anything that has to do with bed bugs. Therefore we ask that you please remove this fraudulent complaint regarding our property. If you need additional information you may contact us at 714.778.1880

We stayed during the Christmas 2013 break. Our group had 3 double rooms rented. By the second night my husband and I noticed bites on our arms, face and shoulders. The group we travelled with found bugs in their rooms, but did not have the bites my husband and I had.

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We have had an outbreak of bedbugs in our master bedroom in a new home on Bainbridge Island that could only come from this hotel. I stayed there the nights of June 22 and 23 during the American Library Association Convention. The first night I was put in a smoking room, and I was switched the second night. It is the only time I or my husband stayed outside our home before we started noticing bites, about two weeks later. I unpacked my suitcase in our master bedroom and wore the nightgown I h

ad worn in the hotel to bed. I will never be so careless again!

It took us a while to realize we had an infestation. I have traveled a lot, and bedbugs have been the farthest thing from my mind. We are just now starting a very expensive and intrusive heat remediation.

Margaret Chang
Bainbridge Island WA 98110

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