Anabella Hotel
1030 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

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I have stayed at the Anabella about 6 times and have never seen or been bitten by bed bugs! Granted it can be loud but over all a great experience.

My husband and I stayed at the All Suites Inn in Jackson TN last nigh 6/21/2014. 20 min after leaving the hotel this morning I realized the backs of my legs are covered in bug bites. (I have looked at pictures on line and the bites are defiantly from bed bugs) I immediately called the hotel to inform them and ask what I should do. I do not want to take them home with me! The lady at the desk said they have NEVER had a report of bed bugs before (after checking trip advisor a few minutes ago...I

discovered that was a lie!) She asked for my room # which was 422, and said she would have maintenance check the room. To her that was it, the conversation was over. No we will check and call you back...nothing! I asked what I should do as I am covered in bites and do not want to take the bugs home with me! She told me 'I don't know I've never had bed bugs, call a doctor!" And then she hung up! I called back and asked for a manager but was told they did not have one available!

I am hoping someone can check this hotel out! I'd be glad to send you pictures of my bites! I have looked on line to see what I should do. All of my belongings are now in plastic garbage bags and I am on my way home to wash everything in hot water. I am praying this works as I just paid $2000 for a new mattress and box springs!

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I am the person who reported staying in room 2110 in October 2013 at the Annabelle. I decided to give an update. I now after staying there and waking up with bites on my leg, have bed bugs in my home. I am so disgusted and depressed. We keep treating everything and bug bombing and spraying with stuff that is supposed to get rid of them. It kills them off for a short time and then they come back. I wish I had never gone on that trip to Disneyworld. Despite bombing and spraying and washing everyt

hing in hot water andhigh heat drying and cleaning every where, the Annabelle has given me a souvenir I never wanted. I am so depressed and upset about this. I took one little over night red suitcase with me on that trip and brought home a nightmare I can't wake up from. Shame on the Annabelle for not having their hotel thouroughly treated. There should be a federal law that a buisness has to declare to all patrons they have had a bed bug infestation. Ugh. Living with these bites and disgusting bugs all the time that I can't get rid of no matter what I do, makes my OCD ten times worse. You have destroyed my home Anabelle Hotel.

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In reply to the gentleman below, I don't think people would be malicious enough to think to write a false report. And I would think that people who had been infested by bed bugs wouldn't put their name(s) out there for fear of the stigma of having bed bugs. Would you want to keep company with someone with bed bugs?? I sure wouldn't!!

In general, I'm not surprised if every hotel near Disneyland has had incidence of bed bugs because of the high traffic of people from around the world that come

and go. It's just more likely to get infested. Thank these people for reporting when the hotel certainly doesn't seem to want to admit it!

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So lets get this straight. People post a "report" about bed bugs and its assumed to be true? Take a look at the list of nearby hotels that have reports. Disney hotels, Hilton hotels, and so on, have reports.

I'll also assume that everyone reporting is an entomologist. Maybe they are disgruntled guests of the hotel that just made these reports up, who knows really. Don't necessarily believe the reports on here, there is no way to confirm such reports.
If they wanted to be taken seriously, d

on't you think they would at least not made the report anonymously?

This website is as believable as Trip Adviser reviews or even Yelp! (Restaurants pay companies to post positive reviews for them)

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Stayed at the Anabella in January 2014 for the Disney run. We got in a bit late and were anxious to get enough sleep knowing we had to wake up insanely early. My husband was also not feeling well at all. That being said, any other time I would have asked to change rooms. The second we walked in there was a horrible smell. I went to tuck the kids in the sofa bed and there was a puff of dust that flew up from the blankets. I saw a black bug on the side of the bed and laughed it off. I was the last

one awake and figured there was nothing I could do about it now. Little did I know the severity and hell bed bugs bring to life. Turns out bed bugs are good hitchhikers too and we brought them home. Luckily we noticed immediately due to the patterns of bite marks on mine and my sons back. We searched and found them. Treating bed bugs is a near impossible task if you aren't insanely careful and detail oriented. You also MUST call a professional exterminator. Our entire house and garage had to be sprayed, all clothes had to be removed from the house washed ans dryed in high heat for over an hour etc. A Nightmare so bad Im not sure I will ever stay at another hotel again. DO NOT RISK IT. DO NOT STAY AT THE ANABELLA

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Stayed in room #3210 from 2/19-2/21/14. I didn't think to check the bed bug registry prior to our stay but did right after we checked in (I hear lots of stories and always check). I was mortified to learn that there had been reports within the past few months. I immediately called the front desk to find out if there in fact had been any infestations, and to find out what room numbers, but the person denied any prior reports ever and almost laughed at me, like my inquiry was crazy. I inspected th

e beds and didn't see anything but was a little disturbed that I saw what looked like it could be a small smear of dried blood on the bed sham, and plastic cups at the base of the sofa legs, which in my research is a common method to catch bed bugs climbing up furniture. I took extra caution not to put anything on the floor and kept our luggage zipped up. After night #2, I noticed a bunch of small bumps on my lower back that itched throughout the day. I found no actual bugs so I had no evidence to report to the hotel, however, I haven't had anything like that prior and nothing since. It took 2-3 weeks for the bumps to go away. Judge for yourself, but bed bugs or not, I got itchy bumps while staying at this hotel. I would exercise caution when staying there!

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In June of 2013, my family and I took advantage of a deal we found on travelzoo to stay at the Anabella hotel and was delighted to be so close to Disneyland. To my horror, I went on this site, the night before we checked in, and read reports about the hotel having bedbugs. I certainly didn't want to believe it, and decided to stay anyway. I was on edge throughout the stay, and slept with the light on (I heard they come out in the dark). I awoke the next morning with a huge bum

p on my neck. During our stay we saw 3 dead bedbugs - one by the front door, one in the bathroom, and one by the bed my kids slept in. GROSS! We will NEVER stay at this hotel again. Nice location, great deal, but not worth the mental anguish of perhaps bringing these critters home with you. Choose wisely...

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I stayed in room 2110 in October 2013. I have, what after staying there the first night and after I researched, I am almost certain are bed bug bites on my right leg. I went to the doctor today now that I'm home and it was confirmed. I don't have them at my home and I'm a clean person to the point where you could say I'm OCD about it. I steamed my suitcase and washed all my belongings I had with me in hot water 5 times. I thought about just throwing my suitcase and clothes and everything in away

I'm so grossed out. I only hope I did not bring them into my car or my home from the hotel. I realize this is an epidemic happening everywhere, butI I am mortified. I shower 2-3 times a day and am a clean freak, I can't even begin to express how worried I am. I hope the hotel has that room steamed and cleaned and all of their hotel checked out for the sake of future guests.

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I recently stayed at the Anabella for a trip I was taking with my friend to Disneyland. Although the hotel is very conveniently located, it is not worth the experience. I woke up in the morning with 15 bed big bites on my arms and legs. I reported to manager and got no assistance.

Bed bug bites, and found some bugs in our blankets when we got home.
June 6-9 2013

I have stayed at the Anabella over the past three years,2-5 times each year and I have never had an issue with cleanliness or bug bites. My step daughters have also stayed there over the past two years with their small children and have had no problems or complaints. My son and grandchildren have slept on the sofa beds as well as the bunk and day beds and have never had a problem.
Seems there is a large problem in Anaheim, probably because people are traveling from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD

. If you are flying into Anaheim, your luggage has been on planes with other peoples' luggage which may have come from a number of foreign countries, so the fact that you are bringing home bed bugs could be due to your luggage being BY someone's luggage that brought it from their country or home TO Anaheim. The Anabella is a great hotel and is always very attentative to the needs of their customers. When my son threw up at 1:30 in the morning...all over the room...someone from housekeeping came to the room and helped me clean the room and even made the sofa bed up so he could sleep closer to me. They were amazing! NO COMPLAINTS! Sarah from Visalia,CA

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I have stayed at the Annabella on several occasions. It has been nothing but perfect. I have never had bedbugs. I will continue to stay there.

Stayed ate the Anabella Hotel from 12/26/12 thur 12/28/12. I noticed red spots on my feet the second morning of our stay, by the afternoon they inched and I was very unconformable. When we returned home from our stay I looked up bed bug bites and had the same symptoms. I did find a big black spider in the bed, but thinking about it now, spiders go where there is food for them.

This is one of the most clean hotels I have ever stayed in. Shame on people for putting false reports in here.

We had a horrible experience with this hotel and I would trust the word of a consumer over the Staff/Management at Anabella ANY GIVEN DAY!

The only way you can assert that these are false reports or that you don't have bed bugs is to have a bed bug sniffing dog & handler do a complete survey of your hotel.

These reports are false they do not have bed bugs nor did they, I stayed at the hotel also.

We were there for my son's birthday weekend and had a wonderful stay. Clean room overall with no evidence of bedbugs what so ever.


A recent Bedbug Registry posting has come to my attention negatively mentioning our hotel, the Anabella Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

we adamantly believe for the following reasons this particular post falls into a definition of fraudulent posts. The information and allegation posted in the previous posting is simply false and untrue.

I have done a thorough investigation speaking to each employee in regards to a p

ossibility of this guest speaking or reporting this incident to any employee or manager, no one did, ever. I personally believe if anyone had experienced such an incident anywhere they would have reported it to management or staff.

*First and foremost the Anabella Hotel has NEVER had a case of bedbugs.

*There is no mention of a room number or any other indentifying statements in regards to our hotel.

*The Anabella Hotel had an extremely thorough top to bottom inspection in case goods, furnishings, and amenities and has had no case of bedbugs ever.

*The Anabella Hotel has in place a stringent preventative maintenance program to prevent any such complaint on a daily basis.

*The Anabella Hotel uses a chemical on an ongoing basis that is proactive in destroying such alleged insects.

*The Anabella Hotel staff in Housekeeping and Maintenance is trained in identifying threats such as bedbugs as part of our thorough inspection process ongoing, daily in each room.

*The Anabella Hotel is also under contract with a well known pest control company who routinely inspects and sanitizes the property for any foreign contaminates or pests. Furthermore the company educates and provides up to date training on inspecting and prevention methods.

The safety, comfort, and service to our guests is our utmost concern. I ask anyone that may have any questions or any concerns to contact me personally at the below number.

Craig Forbus
Assistant General Manager
Anabella Hotel
(714) 905-1050

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Our Disneyland trip became a feast for bed bugs! WARNING: If you decide on staying at Anabella Hotel with small children, then look forward on getting major bed bug bites along with bed bugs to take home! We finally got rid of our mattress and bed frame and still found bed bugs living in our electrical outlets. Bed bugs could live for many months without feasting on human flesh. It all started when i woke up in the middle of the night because of my uncontrollable itch on my hands. I flicked on t

he light switch and thought that maybe there were spiders or some sort of insect in our beds or even mosquitos from the open windows, but boy was i wrong. I found a bunch of little tick like bug crawling all around our pillows. I squished one and it was pure blood. I disregarded the insect and continued our family vacation. Went home and less than a week later did i notice that the infestation had multiplied and tried everything to get rid of those nasty pests. NOTHING WORKS!!! Unless you spend countless amounts of money on repellants, bed sheet covers, steam cleaning, or even tossing out your entire bed, your screwed. I was frightened to research online what bed bugs were, but the dozen or so i caught and zip locked matched the photos online. To conclude this posting, i highly suggest everyone to spend time to check out your bed in the dark and have your husbands be the test dummy to lay in bed and then switch on the light after an hour or so and hope to not discover bed bugs. Good luck ladies!

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