Alamo Inn
1140 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

Found 4 reports:

Monday June 23rd. Woke up found some bites and a real live bedbug, which we captured and handed over to hotel staff, they seem not surpised and not concerned. Was offered only a partial refund.

We checked in 12/14/2013 and noticed no obvious signs of infestation (we didn't check thoroughly enough). After we saw what looked like a young bedbug on a pillowcase , we pulled back the bedding and found droppings on the mattress pad. We immediately alerted the management and checked out. They seemed unsurprised (I'm assuming this has been a repeat occurrence) but did issue us a refund.

July 1-3, 2013 After our first night of staying here, my sister awoke to find a bed bug on her pillows. It was small and red about the size of the top of a pin. We took a picture first then we killed it and it left a smear of blood on the pillow stain. We informed the staff who did not seem surprised and fumigated the room after. We were moved to another room that still needed to be cleaned so we continued our trip to Disneyland. After a long day we returned to find someone else in our room and

that our room was given away despite it still being under our name!!!

Furious, we were moved to another room only to find copper and red stains underneath the mattress indicating that there were bedbugs in this room as well.

Staff was very unresponsive, rude, and unapologetic. Althought the manager was notified, the staff let us know that the managers rarely come to Alamo Inn. Please do not stay here unless you would like to have horrible rooms and bed

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July 1st, 2013 at the Alamo Inn in Anaheim, CA. My wife had bedbugs in her bed at the Alamo Inn. She complained and they did put her in a new room, but on a different floor from our second room for our teenage kids.

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