Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites North Vancouver
700 Old Lillooet Rd
North Vancouver, BC V7J2H5

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August 26 - 27th

My husband and I stayed in room 233.


Crawling all over on top of the pillows and on top of the mattress and blankets on the morning of the 27th.

The head of housekeeping came as soon as we called and checked under the mattress and we could see the black specks on the corner. Poop!

The manager on site was Charmain. My husband met with her as I was in workshops during the day. He questioned why, when they obviously knew there were bedbugs, why did they

put us in there anyway?!

My husband was the one communicating with the manager and he would be the best person to talk to should you require more details ...

we would not go back to that hotel as it appears they are not going to take care of the problem! We were to check back in Friday, but refused to go back. I appears the bugs are at different stages: some were HUGE!

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