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I just saw a bedbug on my pillow. Do not waste your money being in this place.

We stay there yesterday evening with a friend (the 29/09/2014) and I got bite during the night. I wake up at midnight and put the lights on and find 3 main bed bugs on the sheets and mattress. Even some tiny one where under the pillow! I catch them in a plastic bottle on order to show it to hotel management the next morning. My body was full of bites that hurts terribly. I took a shower and finish the night in my car.
In the morning i ask to speak to a manager, showing the plastic bottle

with bugs. After checking the room with hotel staff and showing the black signs on the mattres, they agree to a full credit back for the room.
I hope they will do something to clean the room by a professional.

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stayed at the Travelodge and woke up after first day with bites all over. they are horrible size of quarters itchy and red. i will never stay or receomd that motel/hotel to anyone!

stayed at the Travelodge and woke up after first day with bites all over. they are horrible size of quarters itchy and red. i will never stay or receomd that motel/hotel to anyone!

We checked in room 233 end of Aug 2013 and have been sufferred from hundreds of bedbug bites until now. We reported to the hotel immediately, can't believe the same room was checked out to the other group after our report!

Group of us traveling came into room 233 on Sept 5,2013. The heater was blasting and the room was very hot. We checked the beds & immediately saw 4 bed bugs. Two more crawling on walls. Took photo with date & address and bring to front desk and left right away.

We ( couple from Germany) spent a night in room 117 and found no bugs at all. Everthing was clean and we fehlt very save.

Checked into room 239, checked the headboard and found it packed with dead bed bugs and eggs. Asked frontdesk if they treat and they said no. Moved to Budget Inn and also found bugs in room.

I have just returned from my holidays and must say that the end of them were horrible due to the bed bugs bites I got all over my legs and arms.

The room was smelly and the carpet dirty, no wonder it was full of bugs.

And now I read that it's a common and recurrent problem in this motel.

Our fault for not checking the reviews... but you can be double-checking all the places your are gonna stay, they should take measures.

My friend and I stayed in this motel on 9 July, checking out on 10 July. Our room in the back of the motel on the second floor, toward the left side. Later in the afternoon of the 10th, I started itching. I assumed that it was from mosquito bites. The next day I counted about 35 bites on my arms, shoulders and hands. There is one bite on my face and one on my lower back.

I returned home later in the week and sought medical advice. My doctor said the spots are definitely bug bites. Her f

irst question was "Have you been traveling?" My bites are most likely bed bug bites.

This has been a very unpleasant experience. I have to take medication and rub ointment on my skin. It appears that I react pretty strongly toward the bugs as I have large welts (more than 1 inch across)at each site. They itch like crazy. I also have to vacuum everything in my house, wash everything like bedding and clothing. Some un-washable items have to be outside in large garbage bags so they reach temperatures of over 120 degrees to kill any possible bugs.

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This took place on July 3, 2011. Prior to bringing in our luggage, we inspected the room for bed bugs due to the recent epidemic our country is experiencing. We found excrement on the front of both headboards and also behind one headboard along with a dead bed bug. On one of the beds, they had a mattress encasement on the box springs - I suspect to keep the bugs in. I contacted the front desk person who was less than honest (initially). She offered another room and came down herself while we

inspected the new room, which checked out okay. She had quite an attitude and was extremely unprofessional. She didn't like that we "tore up her room" which of course was not the case. I was absolutely amazed that she was so rude. She finally admitted that they have treated rooms for bed bugs, although she would not say which ones and that it would take her two days to get that information. Shortly after this happened, another family checked in to the room we just reported bed bug evidence! (Room 150). These people could care less about your concerns or safety, they only care about money.

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