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Bed bugs in RM 420 on June 13th, 2013! My family and I checked in June 11th with 2 rooms (418 and 420). We were all packed up and ready to leave the room after the second night when we saw a bed beg crawling on the top of the white comforter on the bed. This was at 8:00AM. I put the bug in a ziplock bag and presented to the front desk manager. When I asked if they had other reports of bed begs her reply was "not this summer". She blamed them on the international travelers that stay to visi

t the Canyon areas. The "head of maintenance" gave me an aerosol can of Good Night by Sprayway, which claims to kill Bed Bugs. He suggested I spray all our luggage. The hotel manager was not in yet but he did call and leave a message with an appology. We drove back to Las Vegas where we left our luggage in the car all day and all night with the hope that the intense heat would kill any bugs that we may have picked up.

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