Best Western at Lake Powell
208 N Lake Powell Blvd
Page, AZ 86040

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Stayed herefor 3 night and myhusband has rwo nasty bites thus far and bothmy shoulders are covered as well as my 8 year old sons right side. It seeems to get worse each day. I have never been bit before and wasn't sure at first if it was bed bugs. After research and pictures when I arrived home today I am certain they are bed bug bites. I checked in shortly before midnight on 6/27/14 and checked out today 6/30/2014. Do not stay here. Myroom number was 208.

Stayed herefor 3 night and myhusband has rwo nasty bites thus far and bothmy shoulders are covered as well as my 8 year old sons right side. It seeems to get worse each day. I have never been bit before and wasn't sure at first if it was bed bugs. After research and pictures when I arrived home today I am certain they are bed bug bites. I checked in shortly before midnight on 6/27/14 and checked out today 6/30/2014. Do not stay here. Myroom number was 208.

I had over 25 bites all over my body and face, my husband had a few bites, too.

My family of 4 stayed in room 202 for 3 nights from 11/18 to 11/21. This was my first time encountering bed bugs without realizing what they were. My 11 year old daughter flicked away a flat looking bug from her bed as she was pulling the blanket and sheet out to get tucked in. It moved away really fast, but she was able to pick it up with tissue paper and squeezed it into a pulp. She and my husband stayed in one

bed. Luckily, my daughter did not get bitten.

My 9 year old son and I stayed in another. Just right before we got in bed, we saw a tiny crawler, with the same features and shape as the one my daughter killed, on my pillow. I killed it with a tissue.

The next day I woke up with bites but no one else did, so I endured the pain and itch believing that I'm more prone to bug and insect bites than most people on the planet.

After the 3rd night, my husband finally succumbed and encountered 3 bites, while I had too many to count.

It didn't dawn on me until a week later to google if BEST WESTERN at Page Arizona on 208 Lake Powell has bed bug infestation. My biggest regret is that I didn't research the internet right after we killed the first two bugs, didn't storm down to the management office to demand a refund and check into another hotel.

I will have to live with my mistake for the next several weeks with welts and itch and all....

I hope you don't needlessly suffer like me, and please do not check into this hotel!

Jenny L.

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Nov. 2. Bed full of bed bugs in room 245. Photos and more details to follow.

Stayed a couple weeks ago. Was in the bathroom and saw something crawling on the floor. Thought it was a tick but realized it was my first ever bed bug. Found three more within ten minutes. They refunded the room to us. A week later I had bites on my chest and arms. It was tourist season with all the tour bus trash coming in.

We stayed on 12/23/2011. This hotel is infested with bed bugs. We stayed for 1 night in room 212 and each of us felt ourselves being bitten during the night and then woke up with bites in the tell-tale 3-bite pattern. This was our first encounter with bed bugs and we didn't realize what it was until we already left, so we didn't bring it up to management. I guess this is what you get for $50/night though.

additional to previous review:
in the morning we learnt that at least three more people of our group had bedbugs and got bitten. However they didn't ask for a new room.
Haven't seen signs of bedbug bites on me (yet).

12/28-12/29/11, 1 night stay.
I'm staying in this hotel the very moment. We came here with a bustour. Didn't know that we would end up in this hotel and just found this site after what has happened in room 323:
Around midnight, just before going to sleep my friend said that there are two bugs crawling around on my pillow. Exactely the place I just sat 1 hour ago and watched TV...
I killed the smaller one and then caught the bigger one and squeezed it in a tissue. After looking at it I knew t

hat it was a bedbug (I've only seen pictures and haven't had any problems with them before) and I also checked online just to make sure. (Looked hungry (flat); I found strange that they were crawling around while we had lights on). The smaller one probably was a earlier stage. Then I found another one crawling on the right side of the bed on one of the pillows. I also killed that one.
I then went downstairs with the dead bedbug and showed it to the manager. she said "mhm, we haven't had problems with bedbugs in that room before". She didn't seem surprised at all though. She then gave us a new room: 346.
After moving to the new room (and having had a shower, cause I imagine bugs all over me now...) I picked up my phone from one of the beds and had a bedbug sitting on my hand.... I am not sure now if it just travelled with us to the new room (from clothes? from towel?) or if it already was in that room. We're in the new room since 1,5 h now and haven't seen any other bedbugs (yet). I'm also not sure if I can sleep at all or if I'll imagine bedbugs the whole night now. Furthermore I hope that non of the bugs craweld into any of my clothes / luggage I had lying on my bed in the first room.
Tomorrow I'll tell the tourguide and suggest not to stay in this hotel again.

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December 6th, 2011

In bed watching a movie at 10pm, notice bed bugs emerging on the spare bed... upon further inspection, noticed they were in the spare queen bed and in our bed (with us!!).

Called from desk - they claimed they had "never had issues with bed bugs before".

Imagine our dismay, when we found this website, and read the other reports - dating back to 2009.

They did offer to move is to another room, which we thoroughly inspected and appeared free from bugs.

We stayed 2 nights end of August 2011 at Best Western at Lake Powell.

When checking in, we noticed already older blood spots on bed sheets. Ignored that unsuspectingly.
After first night, woke up with dozens of bites on neck, hand, arms and leg. Also found still living bed bugs in bed.

Complained several times at front desk. Could never speak with General Manager. Excuses: She is not in, had to enjoy important meeting, was out, important international call, stuck in traffic jam…

ter hours, (and really front desk gave us a new room (just opposite hallway in 3. Floor).

Stuff at front desk was rude and not really interested to help.

Same story in second night. Woke up 2 a.m. fount again bed bugs changed location to sleep the rest of the night in my car in front of hotel.

Same day I had to see a doctor in hospital due a bad allergic reaction. Showed doctor a crushed bed bug from our room. Doctor identified bug clearly as bed bug. Had to take quite strong medicine for net two weeks. Medicine and treatment costs 300 U$ Dollar and ruined the rest of our holidays.

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Checked in for the night and found a bed bug running around the bed a short while later. Staff was unsuprised and unconcerned.

I wish I had known about this website prior to coming here, but we woke up to blood spots covering the sheets and pillows. We found some crawling on the beds. We are waiting for a refund.

I stayed in this Best Western for 2 nights, 5/23/11 and 5/24/11, with a tour group. At dinner on 5/24 I noticed lots of red bite marks on my arms. No one else in the group had any. I went to bed that night and suddenly woke up at 2:30 am thinking 'bedbugs'. I went to the lobby to google them, and it seemed to definitely confirm bedbugs. I called the front desk for someone to check the room. She apologized for the problem, but couldn't move me because there were no vacancies. I spent the res

t of the night awake, with the lights on, and the least contact with anything. In the morning they took pictures of my back and arms to document the problem. When I got home, my doctor confirmed bedbugs. My back and arms were significantly covered with bites, and everyone in the group was paranoid. I was also concerned that I would somehow be carrying the bugs to another location or home. I was not offered any refund or discount. She said the room would be treated and out of use for 3 weeks.

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July 19, 2011
Checked in on the 19th with a friend, my daughter & my 4month old grandson. As I sat on my bed feeding my grandson, I saw the bed bugs. My daughter immediately called the front desk. They told her to pack up everything & they'd change our room. I was so disgusted that there was no way I would stay there if they changed my room a hundred times. Stopped at desk to make sure they'd refund for 2 night. The manager gave me a hard time until I said I was not leaving until she did

. Staff was absolutely wonderful. I only wish they'd find jobs at hotels that do something about such problems.

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I booked a room online at Best Western for that same night. Then i went to bedbug registry. I read what was said about this hotel. Decided to call the hotel to cancel because of the bug problem. They told me that they did not have a problem and could not cancel the reservation that I made an hour before. I spend about a week a month living out of hotels. I have never been treated as bad as I was at this chain. See if I go to Best Western again.

Stayed in this hotel on April 24th 2011. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to change beds because i felt something crawling on me. the next day my daughter found several itchy red bites on her arm and hand.

March 1-2. Two nights rom 110. My wife, not me, had numerous bites typical of bedbugs bites

We stayed at the Best Western at Lake Powell from 10/1 and 11/1, then returned 11/3 after a night on Lake Powell. The first 2 nights my party had 3 rooms on the first floor, with no troubles. On November 3, 2 rooms were on the 1st Floor, but I moved to the 3rd floor room #310. And was eaten alive. The receptionist was surprised since "we just had this room deep cleaned." These greedy swine know their Hotel is contaminated but will not take the steps to close off sections and fix the problem. The

Manager should spend a night in the room before allowing a guest to rent it. I threw away a $300 suitcase as I did not want to risk contaminating my home.

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We stayed at the Best Western on Lake Powell in Page, AZ on October 28, 2010 for one night. I noticed in the morning a red welt on my face, another on my neck, some on my hands and a few on my arms, all of which began to itch. After arriving home (two days later), as I continued to scratch the welts, I recalled warnings from others about bedbugs and looked online, only to see that my bites were consistent with bedbug bites. I had not gone anywhere else or done anything else other than sleep i

n the BW room between the Thursday night when we got there (at which time I didn't have any welts) to Friday morning (when they all appeared). We stayed in room 345. Although I had checked this website to determine whether certain hotels planned for our trip were infested, this was an unplanned stay (we arrived late at night and simply looked for a decent hotel) and I didn't check in advance, much to my regret. More proof that the quality of the hotel is irrelevant when it comes to a bedbug problem.

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We stayed there for one night in september (9th) and we also so bedbugs in the room. So we checked out immediately - however the staff was not surprised at all!

We stayed five nights at this hotel from June 29, 2010 - July 4, 2010. We didn't even think about bedbugs.

Uneducated about the signs of a bedbug infestation, it took a few weeks to realize the "rash" and hives I'd had for several weeks, together with the black spots left by bedbugs (defecating) on our pillowcases were from the bedbugs we'd unsuspectingly brought back from our room at this hotel.

We inspected our luggage from the trip and found a living bedbug still my suitcase. I'm certai

n this hotel is where we "picked up" the bug.

We've replaced our mattress & boxsprings, sprayed, cleaned, and are STILL fighting these critters, two months later.

I'll NEVER stay at this Best Western again.

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We stayed at room105 on Sep.4th. We did see bedbug on the bed next morning. The bites were not obvious and serious in the morning so we didn't complain this when we checked out. On our way back home and the following day, there were more and more red bumps coming out. My friend showed over 60 obvious bites all over his body from face to toes reaching home at Sep.5 nigth.This makes me angry and I write to complain. People there said that they checked the room and dind't find any bug. But I'm pret

ty sure I and my friend were bite there and we did see bugs.

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Stayed at this hotel on August 6, 2010; room 123. You could see the bugs on the bed. The manager did not appear surprised when we reported it, as a matter of fact she didn't ask any questions, just refunded our room cost. Apparently she is aware of the problem. It's APPALLING that a motel/hotel will knowingly rent infested rooms to people.

Stayed at the Best Western at Lake Powell on 7/5/09 in room 217. We never experienced bed bugs before so we were pretty oblivious. Even though we noticed a strange looking bug hanging on to the shower curtain. We killed it & didn't think twice. The next morning, we woke up & actually saw the bugs on the bed. It's strange, but the bites did not appear until about 9days later when we were home already. All the bites on both my husband & I came out all of a sudden. The hotel mgmt knows about t

his, hopefully they will do something about it.

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Three people of our party in three separate rooms at the Best Western Lake Powell reported to me and showed me the bug bites on their arms. The tour guide trainee, had bites on her body, too. The other two men were our tour bus drivers. This incident happened on June 29th, and I am not aware whether our foreign passengers were affected. Naturally I did not make an announcement over the microphone asking whether any one else was bitten by bed bugs, nor did the other two guides for that matter. Th

at particular morning I looked into an open room right next to mine, and there were mattresses on their sides with a can of spray on the counter and the room had the smell of insecticide.
Also, weeks earlier on April 20th, in a separate incident at the same hotel, a lady in my group showed me bite marks when we were leaving the BW Lake Powell that morning. She thought they were spider bites, however, now I am convinced they were bed bug bites. I am a tour guide. I dread having to go back there knowing that a large portion of the rooms have been infested. This is the reason I am making this report on this site. Many other hotels could become infested when someone unwittingly may provide safe travel for a bed bug to the next hotel in their suitcase.

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Experienced a lot of bug bites about the time I stayed in room 218 at the Best Western at Lake Powell in Page over 1/1/09-1/2/09. Not certain it was from there.

14Dec08 A construction drilling crew staying at the hotel started complaining about bug bites. After a little bit of research(through the internet and visual inspection of room), found out that the problem was bed bugs. 75% of the crew was affected. Crews are spending their off hours at the laundromat before the move to Courtyard Marriot down the road.

Stayed there last month with no problems. Contacting the Health Department on Monday.

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