Americana Motor Hotel
639 N Grand Ave
Nogales, AZ 85621-2215

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My husband and I stayed here on Friday, December 17th, Room 109. The room was warm--almost 78 degrees when we entered. There were 3 small cockroaches alongside the lining of the bathtub. Also one cockroach on the carpet and found several ones on the desk the following morning.
We were exhausted so we just fell asleep in the king-sized bed, since the sheets were clean and the bed looked to be in good shape.

As before mentioned, the following morning greeted us with a few cockroaches on

the desk. Showered and got out of there ASAP. Thought it was over....

Saturday, we finished our visit and headed back to Tucson. Sunday morning, I wake up noticing a few "mosquito bites" on my upper arm. More "bites" surface throughout the day. Today, Monday, I have bites on my thigh, both upper arms, left hand, thumb, and lower arms.

We have checked and double checked aside from washing all of our bedding at home to make certain this is not stemming from our home. It's not. We've never had an issue with bites of any kind. Mosquito's don't even come near me, which is why I am certain these are bedbug bites from our hotel stay.

Thank you,
Dina Crump

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