Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Birmingham NE - Trussville
5911 Valley Rd
Trussville, AL 35173-1071

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11/15/13 We checked the room thoroughly when we checked in and the beds/bedding looked very clean. While we were reading before bed we noticed a bug or two and jumped up to check for more. There were a few more which, we think, were coming from behind the headboards. The staff were notified and were very nice about giving us a full refund. They would have offered us another room, but there were no vacancies at the time. From what they said it sounded like this had been a problem before. They men

tioned having just treated the room for bed bugs. I am so glad we were aware of this before we slept all night in this room. We were able to contain all clothing and luggage and thoroughly clean it before bringing it into our home.

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