Hampton Inn
2585 Cobb Hill Pl
Prattville, AL 99999

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This occurred at 2590 new location. I was in bed and one crawled up towards me. I reported to front desk and switched rooms.

My family and I stopped here on July 7th, 2012. To stay one night on our way to Gulf Shores, AL. It was late when we checked in, we started getting ready for bed and I noticed a bug crawling out of the pillow case. It looked like an oversized tick. We quickly washed it down the sink, didn't sleep with that pillow and went to bed. The next morning when we woke up, it looked like blood all over the pillows and at the bottom on the bed where our feet where. We looked to see if our noses or ankles w

here bleeding but noting was. We didn't really think much of these and checked out and headed to the beach. Once we got back home, there was a special on the news showing a bed bug out-brake in a hotel. It showed what they looked like and immediately my mom and I realized that what was in our hotel room. The stains that we thought where blood were the remains of the bed bugs. This is so gross. I will alway be cautions about where and I stay and will defiantly look the hotel up on this site before we check-in.

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The Hampton Inn Prattville has been officially and thoroughly inspected routinely by Alabama State Health Department and licensed pest control company; and we are bedbug free. Our management staff and housekeeping department have undergone training to inspect for and recognize bedbugs and evidence of bedbugs. It is very easy for travelers to bring in bedbugs, which is why we stay on top of this issue with inhouse and expert inspections. The incident described on this site in room #105 did occur.

That room was stripped and inspected by the staff, Arrow Pest Control and the Alabama State Health Department. No evidence of a single bedbug was found by anyone.

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Room 105. Checked in and clerk said let me check room because it shows dirty on computer but a couple requested to move from room. She came back and said the room was fine we asked about bedbug problems. She said never had any. We pulled back cover. All looked okay. We propped up on the bed to relax since we had been traveling for hours and hours. I noticed 2 tiny black bugs. Very tiny. Jim pulled back the cover on his bed all the way to the foot and a large bedbug came crawling out. We gra

bbed our things and went to get our refund and the clerk was unaffected and had no comment but sorry and refunded our money. Her reaction to us seemed to indicate it had happened before. We had taken suitcases in as we were concerned about all the bedbug reports. We simply will stop traveling if need be!!!

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