Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Decatur
1101 6th Ave Ne
Decatur, AL 35601

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I stayed in this hotel over the Summer while teaching at the hospital. The 1st night I was there I woke up in the middle of the night itching really bad on my legs. It got so bad after I had scratched almost to the point of bleeding that I had to go take a scalding hot shower. I went to work the next day scratching like I had fleas. I was embarassed and finally had to apoligize to a group of nurses. I raised my pant leg to show them and they immediately said it was bed bug bites. I had no idea t

hat there was a problem with them in the South. Had seen a few reports of outbreaks up North but hadnt given it much thought. I was mortified and the nurses asked if I was staying @ the Holiday Inn. When I said yes they let me know that there had been several reports of problems there. I had to cut my trip short there and rearrange the rest of my trip as I had to return home for new clothes and car. Horrible experience!!!!

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